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天明屋尚作品集 Masterpiece

Tenmyouya Hisashi Masterpiece



椹木野衣「鉄とダミー –天明屋尚の芸术」



Japanese Contemporary artist,Tenmyouya Hisashi was born February 1966 in Tokyo.
Tenmyouya commenced his activities in the realm of contemporary art after having worked as an art director for a record company.
He introduced the Neo Nihonga genre as an antithesis to the desubstantialized contemporary Japanese-style painting, translating the original quality of traditional Japanese painting into depictions of contemporary subjects using various modern materials such as acrylic paint.
He further proposed a style he calls Butouha, as a means for fighting against the authoritative art system by way of painting.
Tenmyouya Hisashi continues to create paintings charged with the exceptionally gorgeous BASARA aesthetic, as opposed to referencing the ancient Japanese zen aesthetic of wabi-sabi. His wide-ranging activities, including next to the creation of artworks also literary work and the production of exhibitions that reflect his philosophy, keep getting attention from all around the world.
We believe that “Masterpiece” is a fitting title for this definite edition portfolio that contains a total of approximately 200 pieces ranging from Tenmyouya’s early efforts to his latest works, along with the artist’s own explanatory notes.

Tenmyouya Hisashi Masterpiece

□ format : 300×225×25mm
□ binding :softcover
□ page : 272 pages
□?price: 3,800 yen (JPY)


天明屋尚作品集 Masterpiece

□ 判型:A4変
□ 総页:272页
□ 并制本
□ 2カ国语并记
□ ISBN 978-4-86152-454-7 C0071